Parkour, most commonly thought as Free running in America.
Think of it as the grownup version of follow the leader; that tests the physical abilities of man to the max. Parkour is the skill to be able to see any obstacle and to pass it by any means possibly, often including jumping, vaulting, and climbing in a fast, smooth, and elegant way.
While Parkour may be all of this and more, it can be defined simply as freedom. Freedom to get around a difficult situation. Freedom to move uninterrupted through obstacles in an environment where no one else can reach without aid.


Parkour comes from the French word, "parcours", meaning "course". A Traceur, is the term given to someone you partakes in Parkour.
Parkour was never created by a single person, but it was introduced by George Hbert of France in the early twentieth century. Parkour was founded when David Belle was introduced to the art by his father Ramond Belle, who practiced Hbert's art. David Belle used what he learned and combined his martial arts and gymnastic abilities to create a use for it in life.
Parkour vs. Free running:
Parkour and Free running are two different things that share very similar concepts. In Parkour the object is to get from one point to another by a means that is swift and skilled. However, doing complicated "tricks" that, while entertaining, are unnecessary is not considered Parkour. Take the given example: You are in a room where one wall has an unlocked door and an open window on one wall. If you were to run up a wall and grab that window and go through, when you could simply walk through the door, you would not be doing Parkour. Parkour is intended on getting from point A to point B via the fastest means possible.
Free running is similar to Parkour except it includes style more so than Parkour. As a free runner you would take that last example and would jump through that window, probably doing a flip while at it. This is because as a free runner you take satisfaction in being able to successfully do a challenge like such.!
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