Parkour is a 'sport' defined by getting from point A to point B as effeciently as possible. This can be done by climbing, vaulting, or simply jumping over the obstacle in front of you using various techniques from a developed library of skills. Parkour typically contains several vaults, which are movements used to get over, under, or around an object. The more common vaults are given names, but new ones are still used and created along the way. People who practice parkour are called Traceurs. A jam is when a bunch of Traceurs get together and practice in an area. Freerunning is similar to Parkour, but there are differences. Parkour is specifically going from point A from point B, Freerunning is sort of like practicing Parkour. Freerunning does not require a specific point A and point B, it's simply using the skills developed from parkour (Vaults and such). A group of Traceurs vaulting over rails over and over again trying different vaults would be more freerunning than parkour due to the fact that they are not going from point A to point B as effeciently as possible. While freerunning you might reverse vault over a bench when it would actually be more effecient to simply speed vault or jump over it. The sport may be seen as reckless and dangerous, but it's rather safe if done properly. You need to work up to what you do, build your skills to the point where even if you mess up, you instinctivly catch yourself. Parkour is excellent for getting into shape both mentally and physically, you learn to do things you didn't know you could do before as well as start seeing this in a different way. Before you might have seen a small wall and a gap to walk through, now you see a small object you can easily get over without walking around to get to the gap. Why bother walking around when you can get over it quicker and more effeciently.

Parkour can be done anywhere that there are obstacles to overcome, vaults can be done over tables, benches, rails, tree branches, and even walls. Finding a place to freerun or practice parkour is just finding a place with a point A and a point B. Every once in a while there is a problem with public property and the such, if you are asked to leave, do so to avoid any problems. If the spot is public property and somebody calls the police, simply explain the sport and what you are doing. Parkour is a spot done in a very urban environment, it's done in a place and way where property can't really be damaged. If you're vaulting over a rail that's very loose and could break at any moment, your health risk is increased, thus making it a bad idea and something you shouldn't be doing. Also take into consideration the people around you, don't vault over a rail when there are people directly on the other side of it, be smart and safe about the decisions. If you're not harming yourself, the property, or others, you're not doing anything wrong at all.

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